Lincolns in the Legislature

Dravida Nadu Editorial - 16-02-1958

The words "Dravida Nadu" and "Separation" were on the lips of practically all the legislators, who participated in the debate on the Governor's address in the Madras Assembly last week. This was the special feature that characterised this session and we welcome this development, for even those 'dyed-in-the-wool Nationalists' who had considered it one of the five Great Sins to mouth such phrases, were obliged to utter them. More over, with the exception of two or three Congressmen who let loose expressions of raw resentment and called for stern steps to put down the Dravidian National Movement, most others including Minister Subramaniam were most conciliatory in their attitude and called for "co-operation" or made fervent appeals to the D.M.K., to "changes its policies." We consider this, only as an infallible index to the growing popularity of our Movement—for, those who had slighted it ere now, have come out openly, if at least to express their reaction to us.



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